End of Competitive Advantage by Rita Gunter McGrath is worth a look

24 Jun


So fresh from a webinar on this from the good lady herself – very impressive. And the HBR article (June edition) is also worth a read. She’s succeeded in (what I imagine to be) a key objective from the webinar – I’m going to buy her book. Also signed up to her newsletter, which promises me access to the mystic arts (viz, I get a password to the tools section on her website, and I’m a great collector of tools).

Two points struck me. The first is that her model of the new career paradigm (build networks, manage your own career, don’t expect a job with one firm for life) sounds a lot like management consultancy to me. Second, she clearly despairs of the non-profit sector – too much fragmentation, not enough competitive pressure. To which I would add – often, very limited management ability.

There are clearly debts her to the resource-based view of the firm and the exploitation of “core competencies”. So one assumes that Gary Hamel is an admirer – or perhaps, dare one say it, a competitor, who is worried that Rita will undermine his competitive advantage?

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