Cash is King? – not at a Spanish petrol station!

19 Mar


So we have been enjoying a well-earned break in Andalusia for a few days following the end of my contract with the new Payment Systems Regulator ( We pull in to a petrol station somewhere south of Ronda (definitely worth a visit). I fill up with €31.20 worth of petrol and proffer €32. ‘Un momento’ says the lady – who has noticed another car pulling up in front of us. She leaves us, fills up the new arrival. He proffers a card, which she processes with a portable card terminal – voila, done. He drives off. At which point she toddles off to get my 80 cents. Leaving me feeling very stupid. Good job I didn’t try Bitcoin.

One Response to “Cash is King? – not at a Spanish petrol station!”

  1. BlasR March 20, 2015 at 10:58 am #

    Congratulations on finishing your contract. Perhaps the lady would have preferred US dollars?

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